Visit of local MP Robbie Moore to R A Medical

On the 28th of October, as part of his initiative to visit as many businesses as possible in his parliamentary area, R A Medical was recently visited by Robbie Moore, MP for Keighley & Ilkley.  Voted into position during the last election, Robbie has been working hard to understand the various requirements of local businesses and organizations.  Robbie met all the available staff and was given a tour of facilities and an outline of our specialized business activities. 

The Company heritage and connection to the local area were outlined to him and he expressed great interest in how we fit into the general pattern of manufacturing and enterprise – which is quite significant in this part of the world.  He promised to help and assist with anything we need to ensure the Company copes with the ongoing effects of Covid-19 and has already assisted with a Government Digital Resilience Grant to enable the purchasing of IT equipment to ensure staff working from home have all the electronic equipment required for efficiency.