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DMDM Manual
The DMDM (Digital Monitored Dial Mixer) is a specialized medical device and should be operated ONLY by a professional trained in the use of nitrous oxide.

MDM Manual

The MDM (Monitored Dial Mixer) and its accessories are designed to perform in accordance with specifications herein when installed, operated and maintained as instructed in this manual. It should be carefully read and understood prior to operation and use of the MDM.


MXR Manual

The MXR, a flowmeter for analgesia delivery. Basic delivery technique is described. Manual also contains instructions on periodically required checks to be performed by the user. These checks are necessary to ensure the correct performance of this device and its safety features.


Digital Ultra Manual

The Accutron Digital Ultra. To be used in nitrous oxide-oxygen sedation systems for delivering to a patient a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen gases with a maximum nitrous oxide concentration of 70%. To be used only by a professional trained in the use of nitrous oxide, using titration method.


Porter Brown Manual

The Porter System is design to solve the problem of exposure to nitrous oxide. Comfortable and quiet, the unique design of the mask minimises an ‘competition’ between the vacuum source and the patient. It allows the patient to receive the proper amount of oxygen and nitrous oxide with normal respiratory method.


Miniscav Manuals

UK Miniscav Manual

Manual For the R A Medical UK Miniscav


USA Miniscav Manual

Manual For the R A Medical NA USA Miniscav



Checklist Pipeline Machines

MDM & MXR machine checklist for pipeline supplied machines.


MDM Checklist 

Pre-Use Checklist for MDM free Standing Sedation Machines


Digital MDM Checklist

Pre-Use Checklist for DMDM 


Accutron Ultra Digital Checklist

Pre-Use Checklist for Accutron Ultra Digital IHS


MXR, Ultra & Newport Checklist

Pre-Use Checklist for MXR, Ultra & Newport free Standing Sedation Machines



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