It has recently become apparent that the use of cleaning cloths with excess moisture are causing damage to R A machines – Analogue MDM’s in particular.  The liquid is seeping into the interior of the machines and flowtubes.  This has various detrimental and damaging effects to the internal seals, valves and flowmeter tubes which will require workshop repair.  Great care should be taken to only use MOIST cloths with no excessive liquid – i.e. squeeze out any excess liquid from the cleaning cloth prior to applying the the machine.   The R A Head should then be gerntly polished with a clean, dry cloth.

If obvious liquid is observed inside the front perspex cover or flow tubes then this unit should be taken out of service immediately and the service provider contacted.  This is termed as accidental damage/customer mis-use and would not be covered under the equipment service warranty.  A return to workshop is indicated as the whole unit has to be stripped down and dried out – replacing all damaged components – before it can be returned to service.