Why You Should Use Us

Whilst we understand that to some people choice of supplier is very important, it is equally true that sometimes there is no choice! The field of Inhalation Sedation equipment has always been very specialised and by the same token, quite narrow in terms of numbers of Companies offering equipment or services.

Commencing with Cyprane in the 1960’s, there have only been a handful of organisations offering equipment or services (or both) in this field. Nowadays the numbers have shrunk even further. For some years now, R A Medical have been the exclusive Distributor for the Porter range of equipment, this recently extending also to the Matrx and Accutron ranges. In addition, partly due to the level of experience and knowledge base held by us, we now hold sole Manufacturer O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Service Status for Porter and Accutron. This applies to a wide range of units, including; Matrx MDM, RA and Digital MDM nitrous oxide/oxygen mixers (also known as Quantiflex MDM, Ohmeda MDM, Fraser Harlake MDM & Cyprane MDM), Porter MXR models C2000 & C3000 and the Accutron Ultra & Newport machines. This effectively means that we are the only UK Company with access to spare parts and on-going training by the Manufacturer (latest training revision carried out at Porter Instruments, Hatfield, Pennsylvania in December 2014). Letters to this effect are available and if you would like a copy, then please email info@ramedical.com to request one.
Anyone requesting a service from us can do so in the sure knowledge that equipment will be maintained according to OEM specification using correct specification of replacement parts. Please note: we are not able to supply spare parts to any manufacturer unauthorised companies or organisations.