Proper Attachment of Gas Cylinders to E-stands

September 12, 2016

Proper Attachment of E size Gas Cylinders to E size cylinders stands yoke

Caution: When removing cylinders, always be sure valves are closed tightly.
1. Loosen the Tee Handle (Fig. 1.1) until point is even with the inside of the Swivel Arm. Push Tee Handle inwards to flip to open position. Align Tee Handle vertically (Fig. 1.2).

2. Undo the Hook & Loop straps on the Cylinder Restraint (Fig. 2)

Fig. 2

3. Cylinder Preparation: Remove any plastic wrap/washer from the top of cylinder.  Verify that the rubber washer (Fig. 3.2) provided with the E-Stand is still in place. Use the rubber E-Stand Gasket PN: A-3399-000 (replace once/yr.).

4. Mount the “E” cylinders of Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide (not included) to the E-Stand Block. Insert cylinders correctly on indexing pins and as marked on Block (N2O Figs. 3.1, 3.2;  O2 Figs. 3.3, 3.4). Pins assure mounting in the appropriate position.

Warning: Do not remove or alter gas indexing pins   Verify correct pin locations per illustrations.

5. Slide the cylinder into place by lining up the pins and pin holes on the cylinder. Push into place. Properly placed, the cylinder should hang on the pins (Fig. 4).

6. Cylinders should hang freely between wheel base legs. If the wheel base interferes, loosen and rotate cylinder restraint or wheel base.

7. Push swivel inwards & rotate swivel clockwise to close (Fig. 5.1). Pull fully outwards on Tee Handle and swivel will lock in place. Assure swivel is in parallel alignment with E-Block surface (Figs. 5.2, 5.3). Gaps between swivel and posts should be equal on both sides and the bolt head should not be evident.
Caution: When operating the swivel yoke, take care not to catch or pinch fingers.

Warning: Tee Handle not tightened securely may result in cylinder leakage with possible loud hissing or popping sounds.  Close cylinder valve and follow procedures to correctly align swivel and tighten Tee Handle. 

8. Swivel should stay in the locked aligned position when Tee Handle is tightened securely.

9. Secure the Hook & Loop straps to hold cylinder in place (Fig. 5.4).

10. The Valve Wrench (hanging from black Knob) is used to open/close Cylinder Valves (Fig. 6).

Caution: When removing cylinders, always be  sure valves are closed tightly. 

Troubleshooting the Attachment of Cylinders:
– New Gaskets P/N: A-3399-000 (Replace all 4 once a year).
– Tee Handle is pulled outwards and aligned.
– Swivel is parallel with E-Block. (See Fig 5.2)
– Bolt head not evident. (See Fig 5.3)
– Maintain aligned swivel position as Tee Handle is securely tightened.

FM-1334, Rev 0