Visit by Robert Edmondson, The original founders of Cyprane in 1947

Today saw another unusual event in the life of R A Medical Services. We were privileged to receive a visit by Robert Edmondson to our premises. Robert is the son of Bill Edmondson, one of the original founders of Cyprane in 1947 and a retired anaesthetist. He can also be numbered amongst Cyprane employees as he spent a year working for the Company in the 1960’s before returning to medicine.

Robert, accompanied by his wife Brenda, was given a tour of the factory and workshops, including the Miniscav production line.
In addition, he brought with him many original Cyprane documents and photographs, offering an insight into the early years of this heritage company.

Janet was particular interested by this visit, as it offered an opportunity for further research towards the book she hopes to write on inhalation sedation, which will include a chapter on the origin and early years of the MDM and other anaesthetic equipment production in Keighley.

Robert Edmondson with Chris & Janet