COVID-19 generated delay in attending sedation equipment for routine maintenance

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our maintenance department is currently running in arrears of approximately 8 weeks for routine on-site servicing of sedation equipment.  However, there are some regional variations which may add to this timeframe.

Every effort is being made to catch up, but we would ask our customers to be patient during this difficult period as the amount of calls we can make in any one day are limited due to infection control restrictions. 

We are available for help and advice at all times either by calling 01535 652444 or emailing

Most relative analgesia flowmeters, if normally regularly serviced are very stable units and will not suddenly start to malfunction – barring accidental damage.  Therefore we are advising customers that it should be quite safe to use the equipment, even if the service period has expired.  However, this is dependent on a pre-use checklist – appropriate to the type of flowmeter, being used prior to the start of each day the sedation flowmeter is used.  Copies of these checklists can be obtained from our website : info & resources – PDF & Image Resources: scroll down to checklists.  If any fault is identified with the equipment, then it should not be used before advice is sought.

If waiting for an engineer to attend is not possible, then we also offer a postal service.  The flowmeter would have to be detached from either the pipeline fittings or the Mobile 4 cylinder stand, carefully boxed up and either sent to us or collection arranged.  The normal turnaround time for this is 3 working days.  Advice can be given on how to detach the flowmeter, if help is required.