Our History


Keighley has sometimes been referred to as ‘The Anaesthetic Capital of the World’. This is due to the history of anaesthetic and sedation equipment being developed and manufactured in the area. Also due to the number of Companies that have developed since for the ongoing supply and maintenance of this range of equipment. Of them all, only R A Medical Services decided to specialise in the field of Inhalation Sedation.

Our knowledge base extends back to the 60’s and the days of Cyprane, a Company then located in West Lane, Keighley who manufactured the Quantiflex Monitored Dial Mixer (MDM) under license from Fraser Sweatman. Manufacturing was transferred to Orchard Park, Buffalo, NYS in the early 70’s but the unit remained a very popular model for IS across Europe. In November 2008, the Nitrous Oxide Sedation Division was purchased from the owner, Matrx Medical by Porter Instruments and the manufacturing base in Orchard Park closed. All manufacturing moved to Hatfield, PA.

Our Company has operated in its present form since 1994 and continues to care for a wide range of inhalation sedation flowmeters and associated equipment. The Cyprane heritage is a long-lasting one – some of the flowmeters manufactured in the late 1960’s still being in regular use today and maintained by our Service Department. We also are constantly looking forward to the future and strive to continually ensure the equipment and services we provide are exactly what the 21st century marketplace needs and requires. This can be difficult at times – but we love a challenge!