Northern Ireland NIAIC Alert

On the 6th September 2017, the Department of Health Northern Ireland issued an Alert; Reference: NIA-2017-001 on the Risks associated with nitrous oxide waste gases.  This was in response to recent monitoring conducted in community dental clinics which found that some scavenging measures were not sufficient to comply with COSHH.  The UK permitted exposure level for nitrous oxide is 100PPM (Parts Per Million) over an 8-Hour TWA (Time Weighted Average).  Efficient scavenging can only be achieved by using a good Active breathing system connected to a draw sufficiently high to prevent leakage as the patient exhales.  An example of a good system would be the Porter brown double mask connected to a Miniscav although there are various options that work equally well.

R A Medical Services have been consulted by the Department of Health in Northern Ireland for advice on this specialist subject.

Guide to Scavenging

Explanatory Overview of Dental Nitrous Oxide Scavenger Breathing Systems

Outline for identifying and correcting any risks associated with Dental Nitrous Oxide Sedation