Maintenance of Inhalation Sedation & Scavenging Equipment

Due to the current Covid lockdown requirements, although R A Medical Services will be continuing normal operations as possible, there will inevitably be some disruption. 

Many of our engineers set out on week-long service schedules, covering all areas of the UK & Ireland, including Eire.  By necessity, they require overnight stays and finding appropriate accommodation with food service is proving problematic in certain geographical locations.

As a result, we are scaling back on these areas until February at the earliest.  This could cause a potential problem regarding equipment that is due for annual maintenance in January and February 2021. 

However, this equipment is, in the main, very stable, especially if it has been receiving regular OEM maintenance and will not just suddenly start to malfunction unless accidently damaged.

We are advising customers that this equipment is safe to continue using as long as a certified pre-use checklist is employed at the start of each day’s sedation session.  These checklists are designed to identify any potential issues with the equipment.  Obviously if anything is indicated, do not use the equipment and contact our Technical Department for advice.

Our in-house facility remains open for service and repair.

If there are any queries regarding this letter, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01535 652444 or

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Janet Pickles

Company Secretary